*Santa Clara, CA » 4/28/2008 »* Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTXS), the global leader in application delivery infrastructure, today announced its new NetScaler MPX line of web application delivery systems.  The new NetScaler solutions feature a massively parallel multi-core system architecture that significantly increases datacenter capacity and delivers 2.51  times more web applications with the same infrastructure footprint. Citrix® NetScaler® MPX also provides unmatched performance when delivering applications that demand the highest security and best end-user experience. Today’s web applications are straining traditional load balancers and rigidly-constructed datacenters with the integration of rich media capabilities, service oriented architectures (SOA) and interactive Web 2.0 capabilities. These applications are significantly more complex and resource intensive, yet they must still be delivered with the fastest performance, best security and lowest cost. NetScaler MPX is the industry’s first web application delivery controller to drive greater than ten gigabits per second (Gbps) of real world application performance while concurrently providing advanced acceleration, traffic compression, and integrated web application firewall security – all in an energy-smart appliance form factor.

As an integral component of the Citrix Delivery CenterTM product family, NetScaler MPX also enables the push toward dynamic datacenters that can more easily adapt to the needs of today’s increasingly complex web applications.  As part of this end-to-end solution architecture, NetScaler MPX provides sophisticated workflow virtualization that senses changes in application demand and automatically invokes the necessary application and server resources to meet dynamic workloads. This unique capability provides a fundamental building block of the new dynamic datacenter by offering the necessary scalability and virtualization capabilities needed to cost effectively deliver both enterprise and Internet-facing web applications.

“With its high-performance architecture, NetScaler MPX relieves key customer pain points in large, dynamic datacenters, including the challenge of reducing power consumption while managing traffic loads that are beginning to cross the 10 Gbps threshold,” said Cindy Borovick, Research Vice President for IDC’s Datacenter Networks service.

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