If you are a Citrix administrator then you should definitely bookmark this link. Whenever I get stuck there is always a utility here which can help get out of my problem.


My favorite tools are

Tool Description
Repair Clipboard Chain 2.0.1 The RepairCBDChain utility temporarily restores clipboard functionality.Run the RepairCBDChain utility on your workstation and/or inside the session desktop
Project MedEvac 2.11 The MedEvac tool is utilized to run checks against a Presentation Server farm to verify environment health.  CTX108311
FarmAppUtil Tool The FarmAppUtil tool saves all the application properties with users and servers assigned to those applications in an XML file. The tool also creates a text file with a folder structure. The XML file created from the application can be modified and used for republishing all the applications and also recreate the folder structure in the new farm.

The other reason I like this  tool is because I wrote it

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