New Gartner® report highlights gains

Citrix NetScaler™ accelerates the performance of internal and externally-facing web application up to 5x, while simultaneously protecting web applications from unplanned downtime and preventing the theft of valuable business data. Citrix NetScaler also lowers the cost of delivering web applications by reducing consumption of network bandwidth and server resources. New MPX-class solutions provide the highest application delivery solution performance.

 According to Gartner research data:

  1. Q4 2007 marks the third quarter in a row that Citrix NetScaler has increased market share at the expense of our competition
  2. Citrix was the only one of the top three vendors to gain market share in Q4. Although F5 remains the overall market share leader, their portion of the advanced ADC market fell 2.5% in Q4. Cisco’s share fell by 1% in Q4.
  3. Citrix NetScaler has increased market share every year since 2004

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