Citrix Presentation Server
Platinum Edition
EasyCall Overview

EasyCall is an innovative new feature of Citrix Presentation Server™ 4.5 Platinum Edition that adds communications capabilities
to any application that is virtualized, streamed, web based or installed locally on a personal computer. This feature
is activated by the Citrix Communication Gateway and enables users to ‘Click-to-Call’ any telephone number in any application.
Any telephone can be used as the originating device, including a mobile phone, home phone or office phone. EasyCall
also provides a simple corporate directory with automatic directory synchronization and a call log that provides a easy way to
redial commonly used numbers.

The Challenge – Limited Click-to-call solutions Current solutions are limited by their specific integration with a
limited number of applications . They usually work only with desk telephones — often IP devices only — from a single telephone
system vendor.

High communications costs - The cost of calls while outside the office is high. Long distance
calls, especially international, are expensive when users are out of the office and using mobile phones. Although call costs from
home telephones may not be unduly high, there is an administrative overhead in having to expense these charges.

Mobile workforce - With more and more employees telecommuting or working as ‘road warriors’, they need secure remote access to the corporate
telephone network

High Volume calling - For groups or departments tha have high volumes of outbound calling, it is difficult and costly to automate this process.

Softphone complexity - Installing IP soft phones is resource intensive, prone to errors,
and can result in application conflicts. IP voice traffic is subject
to quality of service (QoS) issues that can degrade voice quality
to a point where it is unusable.