Hello, and happy Earth Day! As a “tree-hugging” Citrite I’d like to share with you some of the technologies and information we have available to help you “Go Green.”

Turn it off with Citrix PowerSmart Utility

First, there’s our new PowerSmart Utility. Released at iForum 07, (by the way, you’re going to Synergy in May, right?) this tool can be used to power-off idle servers, potentially reducing energy costs for a Citrix XenApp farm by up to 50%. Sample scripts are included to support powering on/off HP servers with ILO2support. Support to power on other types of servers can be added with scripting and simple configuration changes. The following are links regarding PowerSmart:

What are Other Citrix Customers Doing?

From our Green Computing Solutions page, check out the Green Computing Case Studies to see how other customers, such as winner of 2007 Citrix Innovation award Cox Communications are using Citrix to reduce the environmental impact of IT.

More Green Documents

Finally, here’s a quick list of more whitepapers and brochures that discuss this important concern and how our products can help you facilitate green computing initiatives, save energy, save money, reduce your waste and carbon footprint, and save the Earth:

And don’t forget to Reduce, Refuse, Reuse or Recycle. This Blog was produced from %100 recycled electrons.