Ok, I think this would be an interesting one for the community. Audio (voice & sound) content is becoming more important to customers – day-to-day applications that require clear audio (e.g., listening to a voicemail attached in your email), VoIP/softphone calls, dictation applications, etc. If you have applications or use cases that require audio (voice or sound) over XenApp, please read on…
Take a listen to the recorded audio clip (no video) below – the clip was recorded over XenApp to an ICA client. As you listen to the clip, think about whether the audio quality is, in your opinion, good enough for you day-to-day use? After listening to the audio clip, please vote in our poll below. By the way, it’s recommended that you watch/listen to the clip from a locally installed browser.

Oh, and if you cannot see the voting buttons (green checks)…. you’ll need to login to vote. And if you don’t have a login, you can easily create one here.

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