View these demos of our flagship product, XenApp (Presentation Server) Platinum Edition 4.5 – the standard for delivering Windows applications at the lowest cost – anywhere. Each of these demos is in Flash format, and provides a narrated guide to the various aspects of the application delivery system that offers both application virtualization and application streaming for optimal application performance.

On February 11, 2008, Citrix announced that it changed the name of its Presentation Server™ product line to XenApp™. This new name was chosen to highlight the product line’s growing application virtualization capabilities and to support the customer need for end-to-end virtualization. When the next product line release, Project Delaware, becomes generally available, the XenApp name will be used more fully. Until that time, and in these videos, you will see the Presentation Server name. To be clear, XenApp is not a new product, it’s the new name for Presentation Server.

Presentation Server Platinum Edition

A general introduction to XenApp (Presentation Server) Platinum Edition. Learn what Application Virtualization is all about, and see the features that Platinum Edition adds.

64-Bit Benefits

Learn how moving to the 64-bit version of XenApp (Presentation Server) can greatly increase the number of users per server, without purchasing any additional hardware.

Smart Auditor

SmartAuditor uses flexible policies to trigger recordings of XenApp sessions automatically to monitor and examine user activity, demonstrate internal control, ensure regulatory compliance and conduct security audits of applications.

SpeedScreen Progressive Display

Choose from four different scenarios, zoom in and out on different displays. See how SpeedScreen technology allows users to productively access highly graphical applications!


Citrix SmartAccess, powered by the Citrix Access Gateway, as provided in Citrix Presentation Server Platinum Edition. See how you can control remote access along a sliding scale!