For those who know what a SlingBox is then you know what I mean when I say that it ranks up there with Tivo as being one of the all time media gadgets.

For those of you who do not know what a SlingBox is or who SlingMedia is, I suggest you experience it for yourself, they have a great demo of their products on their site, SlingMedia.

My purpose in this post is to not only convey my bummed out-ness that the SlingCatcher has been delayed, but it is also to let you know how I think about how their products align with what we do here at Citrix.


We are all about application delivery, virtualization, and some could argue even content delivery. Take for example the WanScalar and LanScalar products, I think they easily fit into the content delivery space as well as they do in application delivery. This is where I also think SlingMedia fits into the content delivery space. They currently have the SlingBox which you attach to your choice of television tuners, and you can then stream that content in real time to either a PC or Mobile device. There soon to be released, I so want one, SlingCatcher is going to be a standalone device that you can connect to your choice of displays to watch streamed content from a SlingBox. This is starting to sound like what we at Citrix do for applications and desktop, hmmm!

Now all we have to do is wait for them to release the SlingCatcher, to see what their Thin Client can really do, as I would really love to be able to GoToMyTV or GoToMyMedia =)

Check it out for yourself:


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