First of all, I feel compelled to introduce to all of you the CTP Award as many in this industry and even other Citrix employees don’t know about this award given to exceptional professionals who excel on sharing knowledge freely about Citrix products and solutions.

What’s the Citrix Technology Professional Award?

Citrix recognize and awards the most active and recognized individuals in the industry. Citrix presents the CTP Award to thank individuals for their exceptional contributions to technical communities worldwide. CTPs are active in the technical community, whether in a newsgroup, as a user group host, a conference speaker, or a respondent in forums, all users can be confident that the information shared by a CTP will be of the highest caliber and will help every user make the most of the technology.

Citrix also benefits from engaging with CTPs through conferences, conference calls, CTP Summit, and other events. CTPs share with Citrix their independent, real-world feedback with us, therefore helping Citrix better understand users’ needs, improve current products, and develop future technology.

Who Are the CTPs?

CTP Member Website
Alex Danilychev
Alex Yushchenko
Bernhard Tritsch
Brian Madden
Charles Aunger
Douglas A. Brown
Gus Pinto (alumni)
Jeroen van de Kamp
Jim Kenzig
John Kellett
Rick Dehlinger
Ron Oglesby
Shawn Bass
Stefan Vermeulen
Tahir Saleem
Thomas Koetzing
Ulrich Stamm

Most in this list are personal friends of mine and I have to say I’m proud to be part of this industry, and sure enough they all deserve our thank you and admiration.

Keep up the good work guys!

See y’all in Seattle next week!

Gus Pinto