Part of the draw for this year’s event is a lineup of industry luminaries as keynote speakers – a who’s who of the technology elite. In addition to featuring industry analyst-, customer-, and partner-led sessions, Synergy will kick off with a round of keynote speeches delving into the intersection of IT and business from experts who drive change and innovation in the industry.

The Best Selling Author
Nicholas Carr, the best-selling author of “Does IT Matter?” and “The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google,” challenges the conventional wisdom about business and technology. The former executive editor of Harvard Business Review, Carr has been called an “exceedingly lucid” speaker by Computerworld, and his featured keynote at Citrix Synergy promises to spark lively debate.

The Strategist
Count on Bob Muglia, senior vice president of Microsoft Server and Tools Business, to offer expert insight into the future direction of information technology, which Microsoft calls Dynamic IT. Muglia oversees a vast pipeline of innovation and is equally comfortable in the business and technical fields. He’ll share strategies for making IT a stronger partner to business – using tactics he has honed through extensive experience working closely with his teams and Microsoft customers to drive his division’s growth and technology leadership.

The Architect
Vishal Sikka, chief technology officer of SAP AG, leads the company’s technology and architecture strategy across its product portfolio and its forward-thinking efforts around emerging technologies.  Sikka plays a leading role in the long-term direction of SAP’s research efforts and is chartered with mapping SAP’s next-generation architecture.  Sikka will share his perspective on business agility, adaptable business processes and how virtualization will accelerate innovation in business.
The Visionary
Known for creating fireworks onstage, Mark Templeton is the face of Citrix. As president and CEO, he helped propel Citrix into the business and technology spotlight. Templeton has his finger on the pulse of market trends, and his keynotes offer a compelling look at the cutting-edge technologies that drive customer growth. At Citrix Synergy, Templeton will offer his perspective on what the future holds for application delivery and its potential to impact the way business is conducted.

The Emmy Award-Winning Comedian
Dana Carvey, best known for his flawless impersonations, will headline the closing night party. A repertory member of Saturday Night Live (SNL) for seven seasons, Carvey is best known for his characters the Church Lady, Weekend Update’s Grumpy Old Man, and Hans, of the Hans and Franz bodybuilding duo. In addition, Carvey received widespread praise for his uncanny and exaggerated comedic impersonations of political figures such as former president George Bush. Carvey has had a variety of television and movie roles, including a starring role as Garth, Wayne Campbell’s “Excellent Cohost,” in Wayne’s World. In 1993, Carvey won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program for SNL.

This is where the light dims, clouds start forming, light beams down from the sky, and it’s all focused on you!

The Participant
Born as a user conference more than 10 years ago, it is the Attendees that are going to play a direct role in this year’s event.
This is your chance to be a participant and not just an attendee, you will be able to pick the topics and facilitate the sessions.
You have a chance to play an active role in your conference experience by being part of Geek Speak and BarCamp

Geek Speak
You pick the topics, you run the discussions, you call the shots! Join tech geeks, analysts and bloggers at the ultimate “unconference”.

You are the host. BarCamps are user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to check out the cool tools and gadgets-part of the event’s “Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Toys” theme.

Here is a list of sites for you to really dive in and let Virtualization, Networking and Application Delivery meet You!

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