There are millions of gaming consoles out there, they should be being leveraged to deliver the fullest set of media possible, and it is possible to do without changing a thing, sort of!

The gaming console has evolved into being much more than just for gaming, it is becoming a media conduit for access to all kinds of media.

I am going to blur the line on the definition of media and include web, applications, and desktops as a type of media, because they are also media.

The ongoing perception is that the gaming console should only be focused on being a gaming console. Also, there is the argument that if gaming consoles started to have to worry about adding new features that they would lose focus of what they were intended to be in the first place.  Well, I do agree to a point that it should first and foremost be what it was originally designed for, a gaming console. Another argument is the fear that if the gaming console becomes too much like a PC, you now would have to worry about installing applications, getting updates for applications, and then there is the whole virus issue. I believe that there is a middle ground to the issue, in that the industry has been delivering applications for a while now, companies like Citrix and Microsoft have pioneered the application delivery industry, there is no need to develop applications for a given platform.

I titled this article in reference to the XBOX 360, but it also applies to the Wii and the PS3, as these gaming media consoles are capable of internet connections, they have the ability to support USB and Wireless peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse, and they all support a high enough video resolution that the on screen user experience would not be diminished. We are already seeing the user experience on small form factor and mobile devices being greatly enhanced with true web browsing, remote applications, and remote desktops.

 Also, I used reference to the ICA and RDP protocols for good reason, as these protocols have already solved the problems of application and desktop delivery. In a minimalistic approach and a starting point, we could leverage these protocols to access a remote desktop to computers on our home networks, just as Microsoft is doing with their Media Center Extender abilities already with the XBOX 360. In a grander vision, it would be something truly amazing to be able to utilize them to also access published applications that exist on the internet or the work place, over secured connections of course, which these protocols already do.

Is the gaming console in jeopardy of becoming something much bigger, and quite possibly becoming a Cloud Computing Device, it’s hard to say, but I for one hope that we see the convergence and use of remote desktop and remote application abilities given serious thought for the gaming console.

Frameworkx Community Blog – What if the XBOX 360 supported the RDP Protocol?