Another reason you should be using XenApp Platinum edition, Wan Optimization!  The newest feature just added to the complete application delivery system.

What is actually being added?  Now every Platinum license entitles you to use the WANScaler client.

What are the benefits of this feature? 

  • Allows the home-based, mobile, or small office user to enjoy the benfits of Wan optimization in situatuions in which an appliance cannot be readily deployed
  • Offers comprehensive TCP flow control, advanced compression, and advanced application protocol optimizations to ehnhance productivitiy fo PC users
  • Compatible with a wide range of secure remote acess technologies included populat IPsec implementations and Citrix Access Gateway Standard and Advanced Editions.
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Will this optimize ICA traffic?  This has been a little tricky.  ICA is already extremely optimized.  In fact, we all know that ICA is one of our biggest competitive advantages.  However, this is something that we are actively testing.  Stay tuned for more information on this soon.

How do I start using this feature? 

  1. Again, you must have a XenApp Platinum license with valid subscription as of 1/1/08 (which all Platinum customers will have since it’s only been in the market for just a year now)
  2. Login to MyCitrix>Support>Downloads>Clients>WANScaler Client or simply click here to download the WANScaler client
  3. Also, you will also need either the Citrix WANScaler 85xx or 88xx series appliance available for purchase seperately

When can I start using this feature?  NOW!

Watch for more information to come out in your customer newsletter and channel flash communications.