It’s been a month and a half since I suggested here using the respective Citrix and Microsoft application virtualization together on client devices and I curious what’s on people’s minds. I know, the idea sounds counter-intuitive, but my colleague Joe Nord explains how exactly it works in his post on the subject, so the mechanics are clear

People are picking up on it, including Ruben Spruijt who pointed it on in an article on So did Chad Jones, the Product Manager for Microsoft Application Virtualization in a post on TechNet. In the last week alone, I’ve fielded questions from a couple of customers on the subject and the first question both times was why?

There are limitations for both solutions. MAV can’t handle 64-bit environments and as I noted in my post on which applications not to virtualize, Application Streaming can’t isolate all services. Both of these customers had these requirements so it makes perfect sense to leverage both solutions, especially if they can work together.

So why not try it? I’d love for somebody to prove me wrong.