You may have heard by now that iForum is now called Synergy, and will be held May 20 – 23 in Houston. I’m working on a new track called “Geek Speak”, which will be the most truly techie part of the whole event.

But before I go any more into what we are planning, I just wanted to emphasize that Synergy is replacing the usual iForum event – meaning there will be no iForum in October. So, if you head down to Orlando in October expecting the usual iForum activity, all you might be seeing there is Goofy (and maybe feeling a little goofy yourself).

Our objective for Geek Speak is for it to be an informal event in which you can meet with like minded people to discuss (and even argue) about the technical aspects of App Delivery. We’ll have a number of recognized SMEs from outside as well as inside Citrix leading some of the discussions, but there will also be the opportunity for attendees to suggest and even lead additional discussion topics which will voted on before and during the event.

We are going to be a bit more relaxed than previously about the topics that can be discussed at this event. You can expect to see quite a few of our CTPs there talking about the topics dearest to them, as well as a few of our Citrite technical superstars. There will be no powerpoint allowed, with each topic being started by a short discussion followed by open Q&A. If a particular discussion goes over time, everybody still interested in keeping it going will move over to a corner of the room to continue while we allow for the next speaker to start.

I’ve decided that the theme for this years inaugural Geek Speak  will be “tips, techniques, tools and toys”. While the discussions can fall outside of this theme, we will have an area set aside to show off tools and gadgets that the community thinks are cool.

I’ll keep you posted with how it all develops, and also keep an eye out for blogs from Gus Pinto & Barry Flanagan who are working with me on this event.  Let me know if you have any ideas for topics or the event in general by posting a comment.