This is a little-known fact that may be very interesting for customers who want SSO, but realize Password Manager does not natively support your language.  We have an SDK available for partners to do their own translations of the CPM UI.  It is available for free, and has already been requested by partners in Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Poland.

This SDK can be used with standalone CPM and XenApp Platinum (Single Sign-on powered by Password Manager.)  Both offerings are the same code base.

Our terms are intentionally simple: the local Citrix rep approves the partner to me, partner signs a EULA, I give the partner access to the SDK via FTP, and the partner owns the resultant work effort (of course CPM licenses are still required for the customers purchasing translated versions from the partner.)

The caveats are that the business partner is responsible for keeping up with changes as new releases are provided from Citrix, and the local Citrix account team vouches for the integrity of the partner.  We need to be sure the UI delivered is of quality, hence the local team involvement.

If you’re interested, please have your Citrix rep contact

 Would also appreciate comments on this approach – yea or nay!