Today Citrix and HP announced a new integrated virtualization solution for HP Proliant Servers.

HP offers two integrated virtualization products that combine the performance, simplicity and ease of use of Citrix XenServer with HP’s ProLiant Server platforms. The two products – Citrix XenServer HP Select Edition and Citrix XenServer HP Enterprise Edition, are available as options for customers at the point of sale with ProLiant servers, and are available to current HP ProLiant customers via option kits – enabling customers to purchase an entire virtualization solution from HP.

“We have made significant efforts to ensure our customers have the leading options for deploying and managing virtualization,” said Scott Farrand, vice president, Industry Standard Server Software, HP. “HP’s ProLiant and BladeSystem servers with Insight Control management tools, combined with the unique architecture of Citrix XenServer, delivers a truly integrated user experience that makes virtualization feel like a seamless capability within the infrastructure.”

Integrated ProLiant Virtual Console (PVC) – Simplifies Deployments

These new co-developed products are the only integrated virtualization solutions to provide a simple-to-use local graphical management console and pre-integrated HP management agent technology, providing for simpler deployments and an easy to use management environment that accelerates the adoption of this flexible, cost-saving virtualization technology.

The HP ProLiant Virtual Console allows users to power on their new HP server and start creating virtual machines in a matter of minutes, removing the complexity of deploying their virtualization solution. HP ProLiant Virtual Console provides a simple to use GUI interface to setup and manage virtual machines on individual servers.

I am sure many of you who use HP Proliant Server are curious to know what the integration looks like. Peter Blum in our OEM Division has already created some screen shots and online demos of the solution. (Peter created the XenServer Mini-product training that has been very popular).

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Peter created a couple of great flash based demos that you can access as well (short registration required).

XenServer HP Select Edition ProLiant Virtual Console

XenServer HP Select Edition, First Boot to VM in 3 minutes 

Check out Peter’s demo for a deeper dive into this new integrated solution.

We have created a joint white paper with HP as well.

This announcement has generated some interest from the virtualization blogosphere. Tarry Singh of Virtualization for Everyone inteviewed John Glendenning (VP of Virtualization Sales, EMEA) about this announcement –

  • Lots of exciting things are happening around Citrix, what is Citrix announcing this time?

These are very exciting times. We’ve been working on co-development with HP for a year, and today Citrix is announcing a strategic development and distribution agreement with HP that will integrate an enhanced version of Citrix XenServer™ into 64-bit HP ProLiant servers.

These advantages include faster implementation of Citrix XenServer virtualization technology on HP ProLiant servers, increased ease-of use for HP ProLiant customers utilizing Citrix XenServer, and leveraged investments in HP management tools such as HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) for remote server management.

Read the full interview here.This story has also been picked up by David Marshall at and Alessandro Perilli at

This new integrated virtulization solution from HP and Citrix is slated to be available in Q2.