Last week I had a really fun opportunity.  I was asked to kickoff a New Hire Orientation Class of new Citrites.  I had 2 glorius hours to spew forth everything I knew about our products, the Application Delivery Infrastructure, and the all new Citrix Delivery Center. 

Mark Twain said, “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare an impromptu speech.”  I didn’t have three weeks, but I did want to make sure these newly minted Citrites were able to explain the Citrix Delivery Center.  To make sure you understand it, just go to this link: Citrix Delivery Center

As you can see, there’s so much to say about the topic.  So, to make it easy, I resorted to an old trick I’ve used all through my marketing career – Start with the Customer in Mind!   

IT departments all build out in pretty much the same way. 

They start with a pain point > they research and find a solution > they justify the expenditure> and they add it to “THE STACK”. 

The customer stack has server(s)>operating system(s) > optional hypervisor > database> middleware > applications > networks > appliances> devices > users. 

And Citrix has: Access Essentials, Access Gateway, Application FirewallApplication Gateway, EasyCall, EdgeSight, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToWebinar, NetScaler, Password Manager, Provisioning Server for Datacenters, Provisioning Server for Desktops, WANScaler, Workflow Studio, XenAppXenDesktop, XenServer

 So after sketching all of this out on the whiteboard, I told the class it was time for the pop quiz.  They had to explain where all of the products overlaid the customer point of view.  Since mine was the first presentation, the look of panic on their faces was priceless!  But, the point stuck. The Citrix Delivery Center helps partners explain a logical end-to-end application delivery infrastructure that customers can leverage over many pain points.  Some products are key for end to end virtualization across applications, servers and desktops, while others are supporting products that enhance the value of a complete solution from one vendor.  Have a look at the Citrix Delivery Center.  It’s a great platform for great products!