Great things happen over a beer at Citrix events. As many of you who attend can attest, you never know what you will learn or who you will meet. For me this year the highlight at Summit was having a beer with Gus Pinto and Rich Crusco. After being summoned by Barry Flanagan to join a conversation about what Citrix can do to better to connect with the community and provide the resources and web presence to leverage the growing opportunities. At Citrix we have been making some fairly recent concerted efforts to better engage with the community including the CTP program, the Citrix Blog, the new CDN site, and a few other activities. However we also recognize there is a long way to go to really utilize and grow the massive skills that exist around the Citrix Community.

It turns out we have been planning some specific projects like the ADI Best Practices site to help educate the industry around App Delivery methods and solutions, but we were also looking for more insight from experts in the community. It did not take much beer to have Gus and Rich exploding with ideas and passion about how Citrix can deliver on the ADI vision. And they are not just talk, many of you already know Gus and Rich as MVP’s, a CTP, and huge contributors to the community. In their spare time they have been running the site that has helped literally millions of IT Pros and users.  Their day job has been very significant as well, designing and implementing  ADI solutions for Citrix ( and VMware ) award winning partner Entisys. So imagine if we could tap that energy and experience and make it a full time effort ( day and night… ) supporting and growing the Citrix community and ecosystem. Well that’s just what we are doing , starting next week Gus and Rich will be joining Citrix as full time Citrites and Technology Evangelists. To find out more about Gus and Rich and their plans to help the community checkout the latest posts at

Welcome aboard !