XenDesktop Beta Video Tips Contest

Are you taking the plunge into the XenDesktop Beta? Record your experiences as video tips for the Citrix Community and you could win an iPod Touch.

Announcing the XenDesktop Beta Video Tips Contest

The XenDesktop beta has been an an extremely popular download on MyCitrix.com (currently #1 in most popular downloads). Many people are pulling down the code and getting it installed in their labs. A few videos of user experiecnes have already appeared on YouTube.

Here is one video I just came across on YouTube  -

Citrix XenDesktop Performance Comparison

We would like to see even more videos, so we are creating a XenDesktop Video Tip Contest. Record a technical tip of XenDesktop and you could win an iPod Touch!

How to Win

Every other week, we will post what we judge to be the Top 10 videos posted for the past two weeks. We will take a vote on the best videos here on the blog until Wednesday of the following week. The top two video creators as voted by the blog readers will receive an iPod Shuffle. There will be four bi-weekly reviews and EIGHT bi-weekly winners.

You can post videos up until May 9th. Starting on May 15th, we will be taking votes here on the Official Citrix Blog on the eight winners from the bi-weekly voting.  The Top video winner receives a 16 Gb iPod Touch, second place receives an 8 Gb iPod Touch, and Third Place receives a 4 GB iPod Nano.

Contest Setup

Create a screen recording video of one of the following –

- XenDesktop Components Install

- Desktop Setup and Configuration

- Provisioning Server Configuration and Administration

- XenServer Configuration and Administration

- Application Delivery to Virtual Desktops - (Published apps on XenApp, application streaming, etc…)

- Performance Testing and Load Simulation  

- User Experience

- Third Party Integrations (Profile solutions, Microsoft Application Virtualization, Altiris SVS, etc…)

The XenDesktop Beta Getting Started Guide is full of different processes that need to be completed to install and configure XenDesktop. You could record one of these processes and add in some audio narration and notes that detail the steps and your thoughts on the process.

Videos that include notes (also called call outs) and/or narration are preferred and will have a better chance of winning.


In order to make these videos tips viewable here on the Citrix blog, we are requiring the videos be posted at either UTipU.com or YouTube.com

About UTipU.com

UTipU.com is a website that provides a free Tool (TipCam) that you can download and use to record your screen. TipCam gives you the ability to Zoom, Annotate (draw), or add a voiceover ( or redo a voiceover without redoing the video). You can then upload the video to the UTipU.com website.

Here are a few Tip videos on how to use UTipU.com

Intro to UTipU

How to Install TipCam

How to Record Using TipCam

How to add Notes to Your Videos

How to Use Zooming in TipCam

Here is a very brief sample video of the Setup Tool for Citrix XenDesktop that I quickly put together as an example.



If you choose to use an existing tool you already have (Camtasia or ScreenCast from TechSmith for example) you can upload the video to YouTube. Click below for help on Uploading videos to YouTube –



For both YouTube and UTipU, please use these tags -
Citrix XenDesktop Video Contest VDI

Please add a tag for the type of video (Install, Desktop Setup, Provisioning Server, XenServer, App Delivery, Performance, User Experience, Third Party).

A few times a week we will highlight new videos that are posted by linking to them from the Official Citrix blog.

We are looking forward to seeing your tips and examples of the creativity, expertise and innovation that is out there in the Citrix Community.


Good luck!