In the last couple of months, there have been a number of blogs added on this site covering the progress of Project Delaware -- the next release of XenApp (new name for Presentation Server) for Windows Server 2008. At the same time, another team of talented engineers has also been working on the next release of Citrix Access Essentials (CAE), codename Project Eden. Like its bigger XenApp sibling, Access Essentials projects are also named after rivers; however, in our case, Access Essentials projects are named after rivers “across the pond” – that is, in the U.K.  Project Eden has three main objectives:

  1. Support Windows Server 2008 – Microsoft has introduced a number of enhancements in Windows Server 2008, including improved management, security and printing. As the adoption of Windows Server 2008 ramps up for the small to mid-size business (usually more rapidly because they have more flexibility to change), let’s make sure customers can continue to leverage AE on this new OS platform. 
  2. Integrate with Microsoft’s new mid-size business offering, Essential Business Server (EBS) or codename “Centro”. If you follow the SMB space, undoubtedly you’ve heard of “Centro” or Essential Business Server. You’ve probably also seen Citrix mentioned in one of the many EBS industry write-ups or the Citrix logo on a Microsoft EBS’ blog post.
  3. Deliver features to improve usability and enhance end-user experience. As an example, CAE 2.0 introduced SpeedScreen technology of Browser and Image Acceleration. Project Eden will deliver the additional SpeedScreen technology currently available in XenApp product for CAE customers.

Obviously there are more features and details not mentioned here, but, as you can see already, there are many exciting things going on with Access Essentials. So, even though the last CAE blog was posted some time ago, don’t despair. You can expect to see more CAE coverage in the up-coming months! As the new Product Manager of CAE, I am very excited about this product and its future! If you are currently a CAE customer, I would love to hear about your experience with CAE. You can reach me by clicking on my name/profile above. If you are new to CAE, you can learn more about it here.