The XenApp User Experience breaks down into two camps:

1: The Transparent Integrated Desktop Experience -- In this model the users primary interface is either a Windows or Mac desktop. Some of their applications are locally installed and some are being delivered by XenApp. The best experience that Citrix could provide is one that completely obscures the apps mode of delivery. In short, users shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between locally installed and Citrix delivered apps.

2: The Web Everywhere Experience- The Web based model is a story of consistency and ubiquity. Regardless of whether a user is connecting from their PC at work, at home or at a public kiosk the experience is always the same. Browse to a URL, enter your credentials and launch your apps.

Citrix covers these scenarios today with Program Neighborhood Agent and The XenApp Web Interface respectively. While it’s difficult for us to measure the exact numbers the balance seems to lean toward the Web everywhere experience. The question is why ? There is a big focus on enhancing the transparent experience and a strong belief that If we get it right the Web UI will become virtually unnecessary.

So, Are we right ? What’s stopping you from moving over to Program Neighborhood Agent and the Transparent Desktop Experience ?