If you have not visited CDN lately, I suggest you give it a view. The team has made some significant usability enhancements as well as interesting content that is being contributed by employees as well as the larger Citrix community. For example, Vishal Ganeriwala has made a recent blog post that describes multiple ways to get a Client IP address from a Citrix session, in last few days the post has been viewed almost 3000 times ! , apparently lots of our users want to learn an easy way to do this. CDN provides a home for Developers and Citrix Pro’s to learn and share ideas, code, and scripts for developing new products to integrate with Citrix or enabling and enhancing their Citrix implementations .

The new site also ranks the contributions by popularity, so a special thanks to Venkata Krishnan part of our Citrix Community who contributed a script providing printer driver information on a farm, this script now ranks at the top for popularity on our Script Exchange.  

You will also find featured content, such as new pages and resources describing the exciting new Citrix Workflow Studio , stay tuned for more  announcements around this product. The new site will also provide a location for sharing Workflow Templates and leveraging the power of the community.   

Let us know what you think and more importantly make use of the resources and contribute so we all can benefit.