I’ve always been impressed by librarians. They always seemed to go about their work with quiet efficiency.  It was amazing how once I’d taken a look through the card catalog, they would pull up ten times the information on the topic using a variety of sources.  They may not have been experts on the topic, but they sure knew how to find the experts! 

We’ve added our own librarian to My Citrix.  With over 3,000 pages of information and another 3,000 pages of resources, it’s not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaf in My Citrix.  The Reference Desk function of My Citrix is an excellent chaf separater.  Located right on the home page, you can select a Citrix product, business need or industry solution and instantly get all the content separated into categories.  Need a case study for XenApp?  No problem.  How about a Selling and Positioning presentation for NetScaler?  What features are in the latest release of XenServer?  Presto! 

Check it out.  The Reference Desk will become your first stop!  Take that Dewey Decimal!