In every Application Delivery Conference (the new iForum) we have something called a Citrix Tech Lab where we show case our latest technologies and give a peek into the future technologies that are brewing in our labs. Traditionally this has been a pure feature based demonstration. You go around each booth looking at the new technologies and then  start to figure out how you can use it in the real world. This time we would like to make it more intuitive by having demos based on real world scenarios. Think of the iPhone ad. Instead of show casing its features like a phone, a browser, ability to watch a movie etc, they tie all that into a nice little story that we can associate with.

We have several ideas but let us know what you like in the Tech Lab and what you don’t like (or don’t care). Help us build the best Tech Lab for you. Leave us your comments or send me a mail at sridhar dot mullapudi at citrix dot com.