The Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 Launch event and the Germany SharePoint Conference rolled out together February 19-21. Microsoft’s goal was to attract 5,000 attendees (customers and partners), and more than 7,000 attendees showed up!

This was a great opportunity for Citrix Germany to make a splash in spite of some limitations imposed by the Microsoft
program: all the sponsors were allowed to present only at the Sharepoint Conference, not the MS Windows Launch.
This limited Citrix’s exposure and opportunity to demonstrate the value-add of virtualization, but the Citrix Germany
team did not give up and stay in the background. Instead, they took full advantage of their two presentation slots
at the SharePoint Conference, giving brilliant presentations on the Application Delivery story, and gearing attention to
the ANG product portfolio.
They utilized the previously successful “speed-up-your-app-delivery” concept and gave out 500 Citrix-branded toy
Mini Coopers and raffled three remote-controlled Minis in exchange for a lead-generating interview. This clever and well
received giveaway generated 250 leads, many of which already have concrete projects underway.

Focusing on the virtualization message
The three-day event had about 240 breakout sessions with over 100 exhibitors. Conversations with customers and partners focused on virtualization and the Citrix Xen family of products to IT decision makers and IT specialists.