Have you ever tried to get the Client IP address for a Citrix or terminal services session and got stuck? I have had several emails asking me on how to do it. Well I thought I might just blog about it. I can think four ways to do it and if you can add to the list then please do via comments. So let’s get to the business right away.

1. The simplest way is to use the MFCOM API to get a list of session and enumerate each session to get username and the Client IP address. Here is a code snippet.

Set objFarm = CreateObject(<span class="code-quote">"MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFarm"</span>)
For Each objSession In objFarm.Sessions
WScript.Echo <span class="code-quote">"User name : "</span> &amp; objSession.UserName
WScript.Echo <span class="code-quote">"IP Address: "</span> &amp; objSession.ClientAddress

You need to be an admin on XenApp (Formerly known as Presentation Sever) Farm to run  MFCOM queries. You can read more and download the MFCOM example here.

2. Use WFAPI SDK WFEnumerateSessions method to get a list of all the sessions on a server and then use WFQuerySessionInformation to extract Client IP for each session on the server I have written a Sample program on how to do it. Follow this link to download WFAPI and Csharp .Net program which enumerates all sessions on a server and their Client IP address.

3. Use native terminal Services API. Similar to WFAPI use TSEnumerateSessions to get a list of sessions on a server and then use TSQuerySessionInformation to extract Client IP address each session on the server.  To read more follow this link to download Terminal Services API sample example written in Csharp .Net.

4. You can also use ICO SDK and  GetClientAddress API to get client IP within a ICO session The ICA Client Object is the framework that exposes the functionality of the Citrix  ICA Win32 Client to third party applications.   The ICA Client Object (ICO) SDK enables developers and administrators to modify the behavior and appearance of a Windows 32-bit Citrix ICA client. The SDK is a series of documents that detail   available application programming interface (API) in the Citrix ICA client Follow this link to download an ICO example which illustrates the use of methods and properties available to get client network name and IP address information using Citrix ICO SDK.

Code snippet for ICO in JavaScript

function GetClientNetworkName(form)
        form.netname.value = document.ICO1.GetClientNetworkName()
    function GetAddrCnt(form)
        form.addrcnt.value = document.ICO1.GetClientAddressCount()
    function GetAddr(form)
        form.addr.value = document.ICO1.GetClientAddress(0)