As a follow up to Carlo’s post on XenApp for UNIX, I would like to discuss our future for the UNIX product. XenApp for UNIX is a fully supported, maintained and enhanced product. Since we released Presentation Server for UNIX 4.0, the product has been following an incremental feature delivery model. Since the 2005 release we have added over 80 feature enhancements like seamless improvements, session query utility, enhanced diagnostic logging, roaming user support, adding support  for Solaris x86/x64 platform, Solaris SPARC license server, Virtual Channel SDK, Enhanced keyboard and wheel mouse support, Solaris zones support, enhanced server farm publishing options etc. Instead of coming up with a brand new release (like PS for UNIX 4.5 or 5.0), we have opted to get these enhancements as public hot fixes and feature packs. e.g. we added Solaris x86/x64 support when we released PS 4.5 Feature Pack 1. And we will have the next feature pack update for UNIX that will align with the upcoming Delaware release.

The reason for using this delivery model is it speeds up our feature development and helps our customers easily adopt the functionality they need. The customer can install these updates as either hot fixes or as feature packs based on their needs. Of course, you need to be current on SA in order to use the features.

Regarding support for Linux platform, we still don’t see a huge market for Linux apps. Also, we might not have native Linux support but some of our customers use XenApp for UNIX as a proxy to serve Linux applications. We will soon have a KB article explaining how you can do that.