The next virtualization vendor on up in my series of posts digging down into CIO Magazine’s “10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch” is PlateSpin.

In my last post on this series, I got a bit ahead of myself and posted that Marathon Technologies was next. I had just seen some videos of Marathon working with XenApp and got a bit ahead of myself. Marathon is after PlateSpin.

Here is what CIO Magazine has to say about PlateSpin –

PlateSpin continues to win over customers even as some free conversion tools have become available, says Burton Group’s Wolf. PlateSpin’s P2V conversion tool, PowerConvert, has remained relevant due to its expanded use models, including disaster recovery staging and virtual-to-physical conversion capabilities, Wolf says. Also, PlateSpin added chargeback reporting to its PowerRecon product, an interesting reporting and management tool, just as many IT groups are trying to figure out how to do chargebacks to business units in the virtualized world.

As you may have heard, Platespin and Novell recently announced that Novell is acquiring PlateSpin.

PlateSpin did a podcast interview with Virtual Strategy Magazine last year.

Podcast Summary: Length: 18:10

  • Introduction
  • Fastest growing companies in Canada (00:15)
  • Server consolidation and disaster recovery (00:20)
  • P2V and assessment tools (00:30)
  • How PlateSpin helps companies adopt Data Center infrastructure (00:42)
  • Unified Workload Management (01:55)
  • Virtualization and provisioning (02:10)
  • Planning to have the workload in the right place at the right time (03:30)
  • Provisioning, protecting, moving, optimizing and profiling workloads (03:45)
  • Power Recon for awareness, Power Convert for change (04:20)
  • Together for agility and improvement (05:00)
  • Latest release of Power Recon (06:00)
  • Very large data centers, thousands of servers (06:20)
  • Greening the datacenter (07:16)
  • Inventory Power in a datacenter (07:43)
  • Incentives to reduce power (00:20)
  • Disaster recovery DR (08:34)
  • Testing recovery programs (09:24)
  • Physical to virtual infrastructure failover (11:07)
  • What differentiates PlateSpin (12:07)
  • Sneak Peaks(14:10)
  • Final words about changing datacenters(00:20)
  • Closing

PlateSpin has three products today, PowerConvert, PowerRecon, and a new virtual appliance product called Forge. Here are some brief product overviews.


PowerConvert is the first and only solution that remotely decouples workloads from the underlying server hardware and streams them to and from any physical or virtual host with a simple drag and drop.

By removing the dependency between a data center’s infrastructure layer and the business applications that run on it, PowerConvert allows organizations to continually match service level requirements with available resources by rapidly reconfiguring, relocating and optimizing servers – all from a single point of control without having to be in physical contact with source or target servers.

You can view a replay of a PowerConvert webinar here.


PlateSpin PowerRecon provides new levels of intelligence, visual analysis and forecasting for optimizing the data center by collecting hardware, software and services inventory for all server workloads with absolutely no manual effort. PowerRecon remotely gathers workload utilization statistics for a clear and concise picture of the application services running in the data center and how their resources are being used. PowerRecon supports the green data center by allowing organizations to assess the potential cost savings in power, cooling and space that can be achieved through consolidation.

With broad support for today’s distributed, multi-platform environments and unprecedented scalability to accommodate the world’s largest data centers, PowerRecon provides a true enterprise-scale workload profiling and planning solution. When combined with PlateSpin PowerConvert, organizations gain a complete end-to-end solution with tightly integrated planning and execution for data center initiatives.
PowerRecon provides analysis and planning for:

  • Server Consolidation
  • Consolidated Recovery
  • Green Computing
  • Data Center Optimization
  • Capacity Profiling & Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Workload Profiling
  • Virtual Infrastructure Management

The PowerRecon webinar replay is here.


The PlateSpin Forge appliance ships with prepackaged storage, consolidated recovery software and virtualization technology that is ready to go out-of-the-box. The standard configuration protects 25 server workloads up to a total of 2.5 terabytes of data. For larger implementations, multiple appliances can be deployed.

By dramatically reducing the time and specialized technical resources required to plan, provision, deploy and test a recovery environment, PlateSpin Forge puts workload protection and recovery within reach for small and medium-sized businesses as well as departments or branch locations within larger enterprises. With PlateSpin Forge, organizations can begin reliably protecting their physical and virtual workloads in a matter of hours as opposed to months.


I found a couple of quick PlateSpin PowerConvert overviews on YouTube (made by




I did an earlier post on PlateSpin that includes a link to a video interview at iForum.

Next up on the list is Marathon Technologies (I am sure this time! ). Again, I have posted about Marathon before (such as this post and this post . Marathon Technologies has an excellent solution that not only integrates with XenServer but XenApp as well. I have quite a few videos to show this teed up for my next post in this series.