Before I get into Delaware details, let me give you the inside scoop on the project name. For those who haven’t figured it out by now, all our XenApp releases are named after rivers. Project Delaware will be the first major release to support Windows Server 2008 and we have been working on this release for almost 2 years. It has been a great journey and we know its importance. It resembles the journey that George Washington took to cross Delaware river in 1776 as part of the American Revolution. And that’s why we named it project Delaware. There you go, a useless fun fact about project Delaware.

When we talk about Delaware, we mention how we are embracing and extending the Windows Server 2008 TS platform. Our first goal was to take all the great functionality we have on XenApp and move it to Windows Server 2008. And we are leveraging the new TS re-architecture (where TS has been split into Local Session Manager and Remote Connection Manager to provide better stability and reduce the security threat surface) and security enhancements like UAC and service specific SIDs. We will also be supporting XPS printing protocol, ClearType font smoothing (great for applications like Office 2007), Special Folder Redirection (when user’s click on “My Documents” or “Desktop” in a published application, they can be redirected to their local device folders – pretty cool) and IPv6 support through Secure Gateway.

When it comes to extending the platform, we will have a brand new Web Interface with lots of end user usability enhancements, key application streaming enhancements, EdgeSight 5.0 and Preferential Load Balancing. In the coming months, I will go through the details of each one of these features. Except for Preferential Load Balancing and Special Folder redirection, other features should be available for Windows Server 2003 customers as well. Btw, if you haven’t registered, please register to receive notifications and updates when we have our Delaware Early Release.