Citrix Workflow Studio has gained popularity in just few days and technology preview hasn’t been released yet!. Google has over 44,000 results for “citrix workflow studio”.

Most of the results are blogs and articles talking about Citrix plans on releasing “workflow studio”. Gus Pinto has written really good six part series (with lots of pictures) on the Citrix workflow studio. I have made two videos, “Getting Started with workflow studio” and “Writing your workflows using templates” for those who want to see workflow studio in action (the tech preview edition may actually look slightly different but most of the concepts will remain the same).

Citrix developer site(CDN) will host a dedicated section and enable the community to share “workflow studio templates”. I am really excited about the new ways we will be able to  bring together different technologies and make them work in union and automate IT processes.

Stay tuned for more workflow studio videos and news.