Ian Pratt, one of the founders of the Xen Project, recently gave an inteview at FOSDEM.org about his recent talk at the FOSDEM 2008 conference. FOSDEM is the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting.
 Here are a few snippets from the interview.


Last time, XenSource was not yet acquired by Citrix. What were the reasons to consider this sale?

I think we were doing pretty well as XenSource, but one of the challenges we faced is that it takes time to build a ‘sales channel’ to distribute software. Citrix already have a great sales channel, so the acquisition provided a great opportunity to take Xen to the mass-market.

What kind of open-source commitment do you expect from Citrix?

Citrix have been great in supporting the open source side of things, funding folk to work full-time on open source Xen, and also funding a full time Xen programme manager. The management understand the importance of a strong Xen community and the need for the project’s independence from Citrix’s own Xen products.

The change was always going to make some members of the community nervous (just like when we originally formed XenSource), but it’s the same group of people and we intend to carry on just as before. One difference is that we now have ‘xen.org’ to provide a clear independent identity for the Xen project, and also the Xen Advisory Board to help govern the project.

How does Xen’s future look on Windows platforms?

Lots of people use Xen to run Windows VMs -- after all, Windows arguably needs virtualization more than Unix OSes. I reckon that something like over 80% of the VMs running on XenServer are Windows.

You can read the entire interview at the FOSDEM.org site. In the past FOSDEM events, videos of the talks have been posted. None of the 2008 talks are posted yet, but soon you should be able to download the video of the entire talk by Ian Pratt at the FOSDEM video site. UPDATE: You can now download a pdf of Ian’s presentation at FOSDEM.org here