The next virtualization vendor on up in my series of posts digging down into CIO Magazine’s “10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch” is Equallogic, theiSCSI vendor acquired by Dell recently.

Here is what CIO Magazine has to say about Equallogic –

These products can help enterprise IT radically reduce storage costs using a SAN. (Before iSCSI, the only other mainstream option was fibre channel, a technology that’s too complex and expensive to manage for many companies.) Within storage, iSCSI is a hot growth area: IDC (a sister company to CIO’s publisher) expects 25 percent of all external storage sold in 2011 to be iSCSI-based.

Equallogic is a very respected name in iSCSI and storage in general. The company recently won one of InfoWorld’s “Technology of the Year Award” for 2008 in Storage.

EqualLogic PS3800XV
EqualLogic’s PS3800XV iSCSI array represents the highly evolved state of iSCSI SAN arrays with panache. Fully featured and blazingly fast, this SAS-based array will easily find a home in infrastructures of any size, although the cost will keep it out of smaller shops. For infrastructures that don’t need 2Gb or 4Gb Fibre Channel, and most don’t, iSCSI is the way to go, and EqualLogic is showing us all how it’s done.

According to David Marshall of, Equallogic was awarded “SAN Product of the Year” at the TechWorld Awards last year.
I did not find any podcasts with Equallogic, but there is no shortage of videos on YouTube.
This first one gave me a chuckle. Marc Farley of Eqallogic asks “What’s in Your Basement?” apparently in response to a Hitachi Blogger. Marc Farkey tells the world how much of a geek one SE at Equallogic is –

Only a true hard core geek would have to run a network sniffer to find all the computers on his home network. His parents must be very proud…

Soon after the Dell acquisition was announced, the head of Equallogic Don Bulens was interviewed by Dan Bricklin (who just happens to be the co-creator of VisiCalc, the first ever spreadsheet).

Finally here is one more video about the Equallogic strategy with Dell as told by Eric Schott (Director of Product Management of Dell/Equallogic) in an interview with

Citrix has a very strong partnership with Dell, so we can expect much more partnering activities with Dell Equallogic in the future.
Next up on the list is Marathon Technologies. Regular readers know that I have posted about Marathon before (such as this post and this post . Marathon Technologies has an excellent solution that not only integrates with XenServer but XenApp as well. I have even more content on Marathon Technologies to add for the next post…