In the spirit of the Oscar Awards last night where No Country For Old Men won best movie of the year ( a surprise to me), I thought I would pronounce the best Citrix “film” of the year. And the winner is… Understanding and Designing Presentation Server Farms (scroll down)

Of all the Citrix XenApp (the new name for Presentation Server) technical videos, this video has 60% more views than any other video over the past year. The runner-up was the “Licensing Essentials” video. Better luck next year. And the “Application Streaming and Isolation” video, uploaded last week, missed the entry deadline. Sorry.

Since Citrix admins are so interested XenApp design issues, I suggest taking a looking at the March 5 TechTalk webinar Designing Citrix Presentation Server Farms for Maximum Scalability. It will be hosted by Gagan Singh and Mike East who together have 21 years of experience working with XenApp and all the previous versions of the product back to MetaFrame 1.0. No doubt, we can all learn a thing or two from these guys. Here are their bios:

  • Gagan Singh – Director, Product Development
    Gagan is responsible for quality assurance of the Citrix XenApp (the new name for Presentation Server) product line. He has been with Citrix Product Development for eleven years. Gagan has delivered over 14 Citrix products (from Citrix Metaframe 1.0 for Windows Terminal Server to Presentation Server 4.5, FP1). He created and developed the first scalability team dedicated to the testing of large farm environments. Gagan’s team delivered scalability for four XenApp releases and grew the dedicated scalability test eLabs from 200 servers to over 2,000 servers over that time period.

  • Mike East – Manager, Product Development
    Mike has been with Citrix Engineering for ten years. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in Presentation Server farm architecture and design. He was also one of the original authors of the Advanced Concepts Guide. Three years ago, Mike assumed management responsibility of the scalability team dedicated to enhancing the robustness and resiliency of the Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition. Over a year ago, Mike assumed management responsibilities of the IMA development team which delivers the backbone of XenApp infrastructure.

UPDATE:  Yes, this year’s “Citrix Oscar” goes to Brian Madden. Sorry for omitting that in my original post.  So Brian, when you’re ready to make your acceptance speech, we’re all-ears. I’ll make sure the Academy Awards band doesn’t start playing at 45 seconds