So here I sit in my kitchen, connecting to my laptop sitting on my desk at Citrix. I forget sometimes how cool it is to be able to do this. I forget the early days when I never worked from home – because I didn’t want to set up my “work machine” as a MetaFrame Server and publish my server. And yes, I’ll confess, I still like to install apps locally, just because, well, it’s MY computer, right?

Yes, I can log in through Web Interface or other connections and have all my work apps, launch a published browser to get to all my sharepoint sites, and web applications, but it just isn’t as homey or comfy to me as knowing I’m on my own computer.

It’s funny to see that as I was thinking about writing this post, we had a survey published about the same topic - even though I’m sadly no longer in that age group.

Because who are we kidding – we like working in casual attire (I didn’t say PJs). We like snacking on leftovers, and talking to our pets about the latest email we got from our project team.  We like dialing into meetings and walking around the house while making our points.

And yes, I multi-task. I sort laundry while I listen to project meetings, with the phone on mute.  Trust me, it’s way better than sitting quietly in a chair at a table with 15 other people waiting for your turn to speak.

So, hooray for remote access! Hooray for GoToMyPC! And hooray for companies that support working from home – I for one, thank you!