With both my Citrix XenServer and Xen community hats on at once, I have to salute another piece of creative writing from the VMware competitive misinformation department.  This time it’s about CPU architectures and live relocation (which we call XenMotion, just because we can).  The piece states that we don’t check CPU compatibility on migration of a VM between servers.   This is ridiculous, because if we didn’t VMs would be crashing about our ears when we do live relocations.  Both in XenServer and in open source Xen, we require a match on CPU processor vendor, family and stepping before a migration can be performed. 

I’m beginning to understand why the VMware blog is called “A little truth…”.  While I’m all for competitive intelligence in general, when the code is available in open source for everyone to review, it’s just not possible to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes like this.

And though I know this has hit the wires before, I keep hearing from VMware customers that are buying XenServer why they love the simplicity and robustness of our product and of Xen: The total number of patches shipped to date for XenServer: 0.  Total hot fixes and patches shipped last year for VMware VI3/ESX alone: 68*!* of which 17 were critical.  Silly me! Those were probably only “feature enhancements”.