Mike DiPetrillo, a competitive marketing engineer at VMware has an interesting rant aimed at Citrix, Microsoft and XenSource, reported via virtualization.info.  I have a lot of respect for my friends at VMware, but I’d rather expect those such as Mike who are charged with gathering competitive information to spend less time breathing their own exhaust and more time working on the facts.  With nonsense like this being pushed into the VMware marketing machine as the result of “competitive research”, who knows what may come next? 

Mike, I think you should write more “research” like this.  Spend a lot of time doing it.  Every time you or your colleagues begin to foam at the mouth, more of your channel partners come back home to Citrix, fed up with being treated shoddily and competed with,  and tired of the dogma that seems to be VMware’s response to the powerful Microsoft Citrix partnership, its breadth of features, its loyal channel, and its solutions centric approach that values ecosystem partners. 

We know you don’t get it.  That’s fine.  Chin up, and do please keep writing.