Here is what I think VDI means – but I’d love to hear your opinion (maybe we will run a poll to get your thoughts about VDI).

VDI is an architecture or a computing model, running desktops on a virtualization infrastructure in the data center and virtually delivering them to end points anywhere. Minimal components of VDI are:

1. Virtualization infrastructure that can host virtual desktops in the data center

2. Windows desktops running in a virtual machine

3. Desktop delivery – including brokering and protocol to connect users to their virtual desktops from anywhere seamlessly

4. End point devices capable of receiving virtual desktops

5. Servers to run virtual desktops

I am sure different vendors will have their own offerings to extend the above list. For example – Citrix XenDesktop contains virtual desktop provisioning technologies for IT to be able to easily manage their virtual desktop image (SOE) without cloning and dealing with clone-sprawl.

I have seen that the understanding for VDI and desktop virtualization has grown significantly during 2007. Now, we are getting to a point where we need to standardize on terminology for more customers to be able to better understand the technology and associated benefits.