Have you seen or are you even aware of Citrix’s Technical Video Library?  Well, consider this your official invite to watch these videos.  Educational format preferences are of course a personal thing.  Some people enjoy reading the books and admin guides while some prefer online training whereas others work best with instructor lead training formats.  Ultimately multiple formats must be available in order to best match the personal preferences of content as well as what works best for any given individual.  Thus enter our Technical Videos – not to replace any of our existing educational tools but a video format to deliver technical content on the more popular technology areas and topics.

The purpose of these videos is a focused and technical delivery on product features, architectures, capabilities and the basics of how things work.  The intent is to create a library of concise videos on numerous topics and subject areas.  If I want to learn the nuts and bolts of Presentation Server’s architecture, then I can watch this 30 minute video in the library that covers what I need to know to get started.

These videos will cover the technical details and information that’s required to get you knowledgeable, comfortable and moving forward in the right direction.  Now of course this is technology we are talking about so after one video we are not promising to turn you into a subject matter expert but they will certainly get you started.  We work to keep them in the 20-40 minutes range to make watching them easier and more flexible – hit just the topics you want, when you want.

Well, why are you still here – check them out now at http://www.citrix.com/techvideos. And of course, please comment on these current videos as well as let us know what other topics you would like to see delivered.