So, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve discovered the wonderful new blog site from Citrix. There’s loads of posts about current and future products and projects, so I thought I’d try something a little different. As I note in my profile (sorry, no photo there, not ready to expose my mug just yet), I’ve been with Citrix since the heady days of 1999. I started in Tech Pubs as a tech writer assigned to the (in?)famous SDKs. Back then, that’s where all newbie tech writers started at Citrix. My first “real” doc assignment was the SecureICA product – yes, I said “product”, back then it wasn’t part of MetaFrame - no, MetaFrameXP – no, MetaFrame Presentation Server - no, Presentation Server, right? After a few years on almost every product line, I joined the ranks of Pubs Management but then decided to transfer to the Web Services team and leverage my skills (I hope) with the team responsible (then) for the Knowledge Center, a.k.a.

Anyway, let’s get back from my stunningly interesting trip down memory lane and on to the relevance of my blog title. We’ve done some pretty cool things to the Knowledge Center recently as noted in my director’s post. So if you’ve got feedback about the Knowledge Center then use the Site Feedback link at the bottom of each page. Not to leave my old Tech Pubs buddies in the dust, (not that I ever would – you know that, right?), for feedback on your current product docs (like an Admin Guide, readme, or good old F1 help), please use the Product Documentation feedback form. You should also check out Andy McAleer’s blog for the latest from the Tech Pubs team.

As for me, I’d like to know what else you would like to see Citrix do in our Web space. What have you seen or experienced at other corporate site that you think is cool or helpful to you? Yes, I know I should probably ask what would help you use our products better or help you install or troubleshoot, but honestly, I think the other sites I’ve pointed you to cover those areas pretty well. We’ve got forums, we’ve got blogs, we’ve got plans for more up-to-date browsable online docs (oops, was I supposed to say that? ), so what else would be helpful? Oh darn, I used that “helpful” word again, didn’t I? But you know what I mean, the whole Web 2.0 stuff. At a recent conference I attended, it seemed like the latest buzzword for the ideal user’s experience was now “delightful“; not usable, or navigable, but  “delightful” – Wow! So, what would delight you on our Citrix sites? I can’t make any promises, and no-one should expect too much, but let’s hear it and see what happens, shall we?