Citrix is heads-down working on the launch of Project Delaware, the next version of Presentation Server. And Microsoft is finalizing launch details for its Heroes Happen Here launch events for Windows Server 2008 (along with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008), which begins on February 27, 2008 in Los Angeles. At this event, you will see the new Terminal Services features first-hand, but don’t wait until then to get a sneak-peek of some of those features.

With the upcoming release of these new products from Microsoft and Citrix, organizations are asking themselves with increasing frequency questions like:

  • Will I still need Presentation Server?
  • Will Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 meet my needs?
  • Why should I pay more for Presentation Server as compared to Terminal Services?

These questions are nothing new to the Terminal Services teams at Microsoft and the Presentation Server teams at Citrix. In fact, in my nearly 6 years at Citrix, these same questions are asked continually, and more frequently as we near product launches.  But the truth is, new releases of Presentation Server are **always** complementary to new releases of Terminal Services.  Maybe that’s why Microsoft named Citrix Global ISV of the year in 2003 and again in 2005.

If you are considering Terminal Services and Presentation Server, are all of your questions answered in these items?:

Will an update to these docs answer your questions? Or would you like to see something new?  What questions do you need answered when considering these products?

 Leave a comment and let us know.

 UPDATE 22 January 2009:
Since writing this post, the name of Presentation Server was changed to XenApp, Project Delaware was released, and a couple of web links were broken. Here are the new links: