Speaker: Jeff Hibbard

Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters enables the dynamic datacenter by streaming server workloads on-demand to physical or virtual servers as a service from the network, rather than physically installing them on individual servers. This functionality is a strong value-add in Citrix Presentation Server environments.

In this session you will learn how to position Provisioning Server’s on-demand workload-streaming capability as the best way for Presentation Server customers as well as datacenter customers to:
• Reduce both capital and operational costs by significantly reducing server count, and by streamlining and eliminating risk in rolling out updates, patches and upgrades. Because workloads are delivered, not deployed, on-demand roll out and roll back are possible.
• Increase flexibility and agility by delivering any server workload, to any server, at any time – a capability that eliminates the need for as many hot standby servers
• Assure server-build consistency and deliver an improved user experience by delivering a single standard workload image to multiple servers. Servers are never out of sync, assuring a consistently excellent user experience.
• Implement business recovery and disaster recovery programs by creating a library of virtual workload images and storing them in an off-site location for on-demand infrastructure provisioning