Speakers: Morgan Gerhart & Rick German 

Please note: Content from this session will be included in the T3 Quiz, and attending is one of the ways you can qualify to win the T3 Challenge Grand Prize.

The explosive growth of web-based business applications has created a lucrative opportunity to upgrade your customer’s legacy load balancer to a powerful web application delivery solution. Citrix’s easy-to-deploy Citrix NetScaler solutions optimize and secure the delivery of all enterprise web-based applications, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and many others. In addition, Citrix NetScaler Platinum Edition provides compelling differentiation enabling you to win in a competitive market.

Attend this session to learn:
• How NetScaler optimizes and secures the delivery of popular web-based business applications
• How to find and qualify customers who are great prospects for this solution and overcome their objections
• How to sell the value of NetScaler Platinum Edition and the best strategies to maximize your sales opportunity
• What Citrix will be doing in 2008 to drive demand for this key market segment