Desktop virtualization is an exciting area of virtualization and Citrix has a unique and powerful solution, XenDesktop. There is a great opportunity for all Partners to take part in this exciting business.  To get started, you will want to understand what is involved in a XenDesktop project. This session will show you:

  • How to grow your services revenue through the successful execution of a Desktop Delivery Assessment
  • How to further expand your services through the successful positioning and execution of a Proof of Concept for XenDesktop
  • The most important things to keep in mind when starting, running and completing an assessment and a proof of concept project

In addition to what you will learn in this session, you will also be able to access the XenDesktop Services Toolkit, which includes

  • XenDesktop Assessment – Template: The assessment template is a guide to be used at organizations to help identify the challenges currently experienced with desktop delivery. 
  • XenDesktop Proof of Concept – Implementation Guide: The PoC Implementation Guide shows how to successfully deliver a Proof of Concept by providing recommended architecture, success criteria and agenda. The guide continues to show how to take a freshly built XenDesktop infrastructure and properly configure it to successfully deliver upon the identified success criteria.

This is only the start. We will continue to grow this toolkit further based on recommendations and feedback from you. I look forward to hearing the great ideas you have on how we can make this toolkit a complete success.

Don’t forget to grab the attachments!

See you all at Summit 08

Daniel Feller

Sr. Architect
Worldwide Consulting Solutions
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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