WOW….it’s almost been a year since we launched the Platinum Edition of Presentation Server!  What has made this new top-level edition of Presentation Server so popular?  Well, several reasons I think:

1.  Complete end-to-end application delivery solution all-in-one offering.  No need to buy each of the piece parts separately and hope that you can get them to work together.  Now it’s all from one vendor, Citrix, and they WILL work together else “one throat to choke”.

2.  All of the cool new features!  Application Performance Monitoring, SmartAuditor, SmartAccess, Single Sign-On, Application Streaming, and EasyCall.

3.  The price it right!  It only takes interest in one or two of the new features to justify the ROI.  Most of the new features are available to expand your existing Enterprise or Advanced environment, but for the cost, you are better off upgrading to Platinum.  Take a look at the math.

4.  Existing customers are using Subscription Advantage renewal budget for upgrades.  See blog on “Presentation Server Upgrade Calculator” by Sridhar Mullapudi.  By adding a few additional dollars to the already planned Subscription Advantage renewal budget, customers are upgrading to Platinum and getting all of the additional value.

5.  The anticipation of what the future might bring.  Besides all of the value that Platinum currently has, what other cool technologies might Citrix add to the Platinum edition in the future – the possiblities are endless!  Remember, it only takes an active subscription advantage to be eligilbe for anything that gets added – so stay tuned!

As the Product Manager for Presentation Server Platinum, let me know what you think.   Have you moved to Platinum?  If so, what drove you there?  If not, are you planning to?  Why or why not?  Also let me know what technologies you’d like to see in this edition in the future.