It’s hard to believe how much has happened in a year on the Citrix XenServer front.

Well, of course, there’s that acquisition thing.

But I’m thinking about the product itself.  Just one year ago, XenEnterprise 3.1 had only been available for one month.  That means we had only recently released support for Windows guests.  We were a 32-bit platform, with support for local storage only.  XenMotion and resource pools were only in our plans, as was the large memory and enterprise guest support that 64-bit virtualization would enable.

From a development perspective, then, it was a great year.  And we’re not the only ones to think so.  There are the ever-expanding throngs of Citrix XenServer customers, of course.

But it’s always great to have external validation as well.  Which is why we’re proud to report that TechTarget has announced its opinion of the best products of 2007, and Citrix XenServer has topped the list -- twice!

SearchServerVirtualizationhas named Citrix XenServer, Enterprise Edition the Gold winner in its Best Virtualization Products category. (That Other Virtualization Company placed third, and that was for a workstation-class product.)

And SearchEnterpriseLinux has doubled the good news by naming the same product the Gold winner in its Best Virtualization for Linux Servers category.  (The Other Guys?  No award at all.)

 Word is out: Citrix XenServer is the simplest and most effective virtualization solution.  We’re the (double) gold standard.