This is my first foray into blogging. I’ve been struggling to find my voice and determine what I want to write about. What I have decided to do is just post on whatever is on my mind. I will do my best to post 2-3 times per week. Since I just changed positions from Product Marketing to Technical Marketing, I’ll probably be posting most often on the things I learn as I re-enter the technical world. What I’d like to do is post on our feature set at least to make information easy to find. I find that we don’t do a good job making more technical information available on the web. I hope I can change that. I also want to post best practice solutions that I hear about. They may not be fully vetted out but at least they’ll be posted and searchable.

I’ve been with Citrix almost 10 years (I think I have the longest continuous tenure on the team). I used to be a Test Engineer and Systems Engineer for Citrix and 5+ years in Product Marketing has sort of dumbed me down. The folks on my team will make sure I get back up to speed quickly. I’m working with a lot of interesting people on this team so there really shouldn’t be any shortage of content on my blog. Who am I working with you might ask?

  • Kurt Moody - Our happy leader affectionately referred to in the Citrix Community as Dr. Love. I am sure there is an interesting story behind that tag but I’ll let him tell it (probably related to what a nice guy he is). Anyway, Kurt is an old timer just like me (I think his total years at Citrix add up to more than me though). He actually used to be a Product Manager at Citrix for VideoFrame. He did a great job with it but other forces prevented the product from having a long successful life. Anyway, he left Citrix for a short time (a couple of years I think) and until recently was working remotely from us in North Carolina. He was recently promoted to manager after Bill Carovano moved on the build out the XenServer field engineering team. Kurt is an extremely talented guy. He used to have his own data center running out of his home. We share a lot of the same beliefs but, to the core, Kurt is a much better Christian than I am. I think he is currently struggling with the rebalance of tech knowledge that occurs when you move into a management position. I think it’s funny. We’ll see what happens. Anyway, we’re lucky and happy to have him.
  • Jonathan Henderson - I think Jonathan has been with Citrix for about 3 years or so. He came to us from Lending Tree. From what he’s said, it was “his turn” to find a new job after a stint of failed start-ups and bouncing around for various reasons out of his control. He had a great time at Lending Tree and was instrumental in developing their web services site. We are lucky to have him. He’s technically savvy and works on product demo’s and virtually anything else we throw at him. He’s had UI design experience and his passion (from what I can see) is multi-media. He’s got his own personal video studio and his house is super decked out with a movie/game room and AppleTV… etc. etc. etc (Can you say gadget freak! Jonathan takes the cake but at least he’s practical about it… kinda). Check out Jonathan’s personal blog.
  • Frank Andersen - Frank is the newest Citrite in the group. He’s been here almost a year and a half. There are only two things I’ve got to say about Frank. He is extremely intelligent (it’s like having a wiki in a person… really) and probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I’m a New Yorker so I can be pretty abrasive at times (that’s an understatement) but Frank is very tolerant of me and I can appreciate that and am thankful for it. It’s people like him that really teach me a lot about myself. Anyway, Frank is almost entirely dedicated to helping the XenDesktop/Desktop Server team with their technical marketing needs. He’s our guru in that area and has played a key role in improving that product.
  • Pete Schulz - OK… Can I just say… this guy is hella talented. Pete came to us (as I understand it) from the Innovex acquisition in Feb 2000 (So I think he’s been here about 7 or 8 years). He’s been a consultant, developer and test engineer for us as well. He lives in Colorado feeding his brain a steady stream of both useful and useless information. Hes a gadget freak and a huge Microsoft guy. He stays abreast of Microsoft developments on our team including Terminal Services, Windows Server, Vista, Management tools, Softgrid and even licensing. He’s got his family addicted to watching recorded Windows Media Center shows on their numerous XBox 360’s. Anyway, Pete’s one of my idols. Doesn’t make you feel stupid even when you know you are.
  • Donnie Page - Donnie is another old timer. He’s been with Citrix since 1999. He’s been through Technical Support, Technical Marketing, Program Management (working with Product Management) and has done way too much event support (Seriously). Anyway, he left Tech Marketing for a short time but is back where he belongs. He’s currently rebuilding our lab after the acquisition attack we’ve had over the past couple of years. We just can’t seem to keep our lab populated and organized with so much research going on. Anyway, Donnie is happy to be back and we’re lucky to have him.

So, that’s my team. A hell of a group. I really am in good company. I’ve been with Citrix for 10 years, half of which have been spent in non-technical positions. I have a long road back to my roots but this team has been really amazing. I hope you enjoy my blog. Again, I am guessing that it will most likely be a collection of best practices that I am just super excited about but which many of you will probably tag as “rookie” issues. I’m sure they’ll be of use to someone. Well, Happy New Year folks.

Vinny Sosa