If you are in Europe near Brussels and want to learn more about the open source solutions of virtualization, I recommend looking into a conference for January 22 – 23, 2008 at http://www.profoss.eu

Speakers currently scheduled for the event are from Sun, AMD, Novell, The 451 Group, Citrix, and many other leaders from open source projects. The event is sponsored by companies such as HP, Oracle, Unisys, and others.

Text from the Event Home Page:
Welcome to the Profoss website. If you’re a professional user of Information and Communication Technologies, you’ll be happy to know that Profoss brings you quality events where you will actually learn things, without commercial talks.

Profoss’ objective is to spread objective information about the possibility to use professional solutions based on alternatives to proprietary and closed products. We focus on organising informative events, each dedicated to one subject, where professional IT people can get the information they need to make informed decisions. We also want to put you in contact with local professionals able to support you in your projects.

As you are smart enough to draw conclusions, we’ll provide objective information so you can take the best decision based on your work environment, your experience, your knowledge, etc… We’re not trying to sell you anything. We’re only trying to bring you the most interesting information.

We don’t think that to make an event interesting, it has to be expensive. This makes Profoss events accessible to employees of bigger companies as well as SMEs, where open solutions can have a significant added value.