Just before Christmas I made a post on CIO Magazine’s “10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch” list.

Cirba was first on the list. Next is Vizioncore –

2. Vizioncore

Who’s got your virtual backup? Many CIOs continue to choose Vizioncore, which has become well-known for its VM backup tool, vRanger Pro. But Vizioncore tackles performance management as well. Vizioncore tools like vCharter, which examines what’s going on inside each VM, can provide a window into utilization and performance questions.

VizionCore offers several very popular management tools for virtualization. VRanger Pro offers a comprehensive backup and restore solution for virtual machines. You can find demos and screenshots here. VReplicator provides host level replication of entire virtual machines. VConverter is a P2V solution, and VOptimizer is a product for optimizing virtual hard disks sizes.

George Pradel of VizionCore recently did a podcast on their solutions with Virtual Strategy Magazine. Here is a list of topics covered –

Podcast Summary:
Length: 18:22

  • Introduction
  • George Pradel, Senior Systems Engineer, Vizioncore (:10)
  • What Vizioncore does and his role at the company (:20)
  • Vizioncore’s partnerships with key companies involved in virtualization (1:06)
  • Greatest challenges to managing virtual environments (2:07)
  • Capabilities of Vizioncore’s vRanger Pro (4:45)
  • P2V-DR option in vRanger Pro 3.2 – how it works and how it differs from other solutions (8:45)
  • Viewpoint: the future of virtualization (13:24)
  • For more information ab

George was a SE Manager at Citrix when I was just starting out. He is a great resource to have and a very engaging person.

According to their website, Vizioncore started out a a consulting and software development company focused on Citrix products. Vizioncore has found a great deal of success as they have moved into the virtualization management space. Now that Citrix has become a major player in the virtualization space, I am looking forward to seeing Vizioncore come full circle and work closely with Citrix in this growing market.