Roger Klorese recently announced the creation of the new XenServer Group blog. This new XenServer virtualization group blog will have several participants from inside Citrix, including many who came from XenSource and some of us who have been with Citrix many years. The latter group includes me.

I have been a Citrix employee since 2000. I spent four years in field sales as a Systems Engineer, then moved into Business Development as a Global Technical Alliances Manager. With the aquisistion of XenSource, I am moving into a new role as a Technology Evangelist focusing on XenServer, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Server. My target audience for this role is Citrix Alliance Partners. This new role will allow me to leverage my past experiences with both customers and Alliances Partners. I will be joining the conversation on the XenServer group blog with Roger, Simon Crosby and others. Many of my existing XenServer related posts will be cross posted on this new group blog, and I will continue to contribute to this conversation with our customers and partners in the future.

My XenServer blog posts will dive down into solutions I encounter as I meet with Alliance Partners (such as this post and this post on Marathon Technologies, this post on PlateSpin, or this post on the CIO Magazine 10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch ) and cover the responses I have compiled to common questions from those Alliance Partners (such as this post on a XenServer Mini-Product training or this post about building a software business on open source). I will also write about my personal perspective on events like Xen Summit (here, here and here) and other Citrix customer and partner events.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and listening to your feedback on server virtualization on this new group blog.

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