For those of you who are new to the world of XenServer, welcome to our blog! Those of us former XenSource folks, along with many of our new compatriots at Citrix, will be bringing you information about our products and solutions, what’s going on in Xen and the rest of the virtualization marketplace, and tips and advice on how to have the most successful and rewarding virtualization experience possible.

To give you a little background on where we are and where we’ve been, I’ve brought over most of our posts from our blogs that were formerly at

 A little bit about me, from The Official Bio:

Roger has driven product and marketing strategy for some of the most successful infrastructure software technologies of the past decade, including VMware ESX Server and VERITAS Volume Manager, and introduced and developed the application-aligned storage management solution space at VERITAS. He served as vice president of marketing at Trigence and Sychron, and in a variety of marketing, product management, and product support roles at Hewlett-Packard, Consera, Sendmail, MIPS, Celerity, and Prime Computer. Roger studied Critical Studies (English/Film) and Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

And, all that aside, what do I do today?


Along with other members of the XenServer product marketing team, I’m responsible for bringing you the documentation (other than our product manuals) that tell you what XenServer does, what it does for you, how it does it, and why you’d want it.

More to follow.